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Integrated Health Psychology

Integrated Health Psychology

Bob Gambrill

Consulting Health Psychologist

Specialising in Chronic Pain & Trauma

Bob is an experienced and intuitive Psychologist with a fresh, personable and professional approach to therapy and counselling.


He has more than 30 years as a psychologist and in recent times has developed specific interest and expertise in working with those suffering from chronic pain and trauma, to support their journey to a more fulfilling and balanced lifestyle.


He works closely with other health professionals including General Practitioners, Pain Specialists, Psychiatrists, Physiotherapists, Pharmacists and Occupational Therapists using an integrated biopsychosocial approach to chronic pain management.


Bob has completed specific pain management training workshop with Sydney University, learning from leading chronic pain specialists including Rheumatologists, Psychiatrists, Oncologists, Physiotherapists and Neurologists. In 2016 he spent time in Singapore, specialising in treatment of chronic pain and trauma, in conjunction with a leading local pain clinic.


His experience extends to Dubai, Bhutan, Indonesia and Singapore, and includes 12 years in a successful private clinical psychology practice on the Gold Coast.


Bob understands that both chronic pain and trauma can impact significantly on the functional well-being and long-term life-style of individuals, including their family relationships, recreational pursuits, mobility and work choices.


He has supported clients in relieving a range of pain conditions including back, neck and face pain, fibromyalgia and neuropathic pain. He has particular interest in working with clients who experience chronic pain as a result of recent traumatic events including road accidents, physical assaults and failed medical procedures. He understands and has developed an expertise in supporting clients whose pain is a result of early childhood traumatic experiences.


He has developed a holistic therapeutic approach to the treatment of chronic pain and trauma and works closely with his clients and their referring doctors effectively utilising the latest researched and evidence-based therapies including CBT, ACT, Mindfulness, E.F.T. (Tapping), Somatic Experiencing and EMDR. Each therapeutic program is individualised and focuses on the specific impacts that the pain or trauma is having on a client’s life.


Bob is registered to practise with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency.  He has degrees in Psychology from the University of Newcastle and UNE; has completed an intensive training course in chronic pain management through the University of Sydney; and has recently completed training in EMDR.


Bob brings experience, a reality-based perspective, a human and individual dimension, and when appropriate, a sense of humour to the counselling relationship.

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